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Boost the number of active traders on your broker platform by introducing engaging, actionable content to your client portal. We automatically deliver fresh, exciting trade opportunities daily and enticing weekly favourites.

All-In-One Research Portal

The Autochartist Research Portal presents a transformative delivery system to seamlessly channel Autochartist’s entire suite of tools and products through one customisable, responsive user interface.

Swift and Seamless Integration

Integration model that respects brokers’ timelines and operational efficiency.

Customisation at Its Core:

The Research Portal allows complete alignment with a broker’s branding aesthetics.

Reduced Developmental Overhead:

Say goodbye to exhaustive coding and integration processes with your selected components in one place.

All-in-one solution:

Allows brokers to efficiently deliver analysis that speaks to all trading styles: Technical, Statistical, Macroeconomic, Sentiment, News, and Volatility traders. 

Technical Analysis Market Scanner

Our Favourites [VIP Tools]

Economic Event Analysis

News Sentiment Analysis: Trusted Market Perspective

Volatility Analysis

Social Sentiment


Market News

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