Autochartist Trader

Technical Analysis Market Scanner

A powerful trading tool that scans the global financial markets and provides near real-time, accurate, and detailed market insights into thousands of technical trade setups across multiple asset classes.

Technical Analysis

These trade setups are ideal for traders keen on catching market trends and reversals early. Harnessing the power of extensive data analysis, this popular component provides these insights in both “breakout” and “emerging” forms, allowing traders to adapt swiftly to market changes.

Using advanced algorithms, it automatically detects potential trade setups, identifying Chart Patterns, Key Levels, Fibonacci Patterns, Horizontal support and resistance levels, and significant market movements at a rate far surpassing human capabilities.

Ascending Triangle
Descending Triangle
Channel Down
Channel Up
Rising Wedge
Falling Wedge
Head and Shoulders
Inv. Head & Shoulders
Triple Top
Triple Bottom
Double Top
Double Bottom
Time Symmetry
Price Symmetry
3 Point Extension
3 Point Retracement
3 Drive
Big Movement
Consecutive candles

Market Coverage


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