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Analysis types

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis involves analysing historical data to present likely price behaviour. Autochartist uses patterns in market data to identify trends and market movements based on historical price action and volume.

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Technical Chart Patterns - Emerging & Breakout

These visual patterns on trading charts represent potential movements. Some patterns signal a continuation of a current trend, while others indicate possible trend reversals.

Autochartist identifies the most traded Technical Chart Patterns, including 

Horizontal Support & Resistance Levels

Horizontal support and resistance levels are specific price levels at which a financial instrument could encounter price support or resistance, leading to price stalling or changing direction. Autochartist identifies instances when a price moves towards support or resistance and when the price breaks through these levels.

Japanese Candlesticks

Japanese Candlestick patterns are a popular method within technical analysis used to interpret price movements in the financial markets. These patterns consist of individual “candles” representing specific periods, showing the open, close, high, and low prices during that time. Autochartist recognises and analyses various formations and candle sequences and identifies possible market movements.

Fibonacci Patterns

Tools such as Fibonacci retracements, extensions, and levels identify potential support and resistance levels. The Fibonacci Ratio helps measure the target of a wave’s move within an Elliott Wave structure. Different waves in an Elliott Wave structure relate to one another with the Fibonacci Ratio.

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