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Automated Social
Media Content

Producing meaningful content for social media can take time and effort, often with uncertain returns. We counter this with our social media solution that offers automated, linguistically unique trading content posted across your social media platforms. Maintaining your brand visibility without the hassle and offering actionable opportunities to drive cross-platform traffic.

Advantages of Autochartist
Automated Social Media

Always On

Automated posts, 24/7, no matter the time zone.

Speak Everyone's Language

Automated translation for global reach.

Trusted Content

Compliance-vetted with broker-specific disclaimers.

Diverse Platform Reach

Consistency across social media and messaging channels.

Engage Your Trading Audience

Dynamic visual content tailored for beginner, intermediate and experienced traders.

Unique Brand Voice

Natural Language Generation crafts unique content narratives in over 28 languages, ensuring brand harmony.

Customise and Differentiate

Tailored templates and personas make your posts stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Drive Engagement

Attractive promotional content with direct links to your landing pages.

Expand and Engage

Boost your digital footprint, increase web traffic, and build brand loyalty.

Simplifying Social Media and  Amplifying
Your Brand with Three Distinct 
Content Categories

Analysis-Driven Content

Content that truly adds value

Leading analysis presented in brokers-branded Social Media posts that traders anticipate and follow.

The value proposition is DEPTH and AUTOMATION

Data-Driven Content

Visualising raw market data

Valuable market data insights 

The value proposition in AUTOMATION

Edu-tainment Content

Combining education and entertainment

The value proposition is ENGAGEMENT and AUTOMATION

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