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analysis types

Statistical Analysis

Analysing statistics involves collecting and interpreting quantitative market data for trading insights. Autochartist uses statistical analysis to understand and model the probability of a particular event occurring, like a significant price move.

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Extreme Movement

These refer to significant price changes over a short time period. Extreme Movement indicators can highlight possible trading opportunities, assuming a price return to its average or a continuation of its momentum.

Consecutive Candles

This refers to a series of candles (on a candlestick chart) that consistently close higher or lower than the previous one. Dramatic changes in consecutive candles might indicate a strong trend.

Round Numbers

Round Numbers are critical price points in the financial markets where an asset has repeatedly demonstrated support or resistance. These are levels where the price has historically reacted multiple times, showing either a reluctance to move beyond (resistance) or a tendency to bounce back (support). Round Numbers act as psychological milestones, where market participants frequently respond, thus marking these round numbers as crucial areas to watch in trading and investment strategies.

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