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Amplify your brokerage’s potential by harnessing the power of digital transformation. Improve operational efficiency, expand your market reach, and deliver an unmatched customer experience.

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Achieving Operational
Efficiencies with Autochartist

Autochartist products and services are designed to help brokers provide all the essentials that traders need, whether on a public site, client portal or directly integrated into your trading platform via web component or API.

Reduce Content Production Costs

Reduce analyst costs or increase analyst productivity by leveraging Autochartist’s AI and Large Language Models to automatically produce financial market analysis content across all global markets, 24 hours per day. 

Improve Content Translation Processes

Autochartist covers all financial markets in over 28 languages, allowing you to connect with traders around the globe.

Cater to All Trader Types

Whether your brokerage caters to Forex traders, stock traders, options traders or even crypto. From beginners to experienced traders, Autochartist has the content and trading tools to ensure that every client, regardless of their trading strategy, remains active and deeply engaged.

Increase Client Retention

Keep your clients returning with valuable insights and tools that help them make more informed trading decisions.

Promote Brand Awareness

Enhance brand recognition and consistency by customising our products with your brand’s colours, logos, and style for a seamless user experience.

Products & Services for Brokers

Autochartist provides integrations with all the leading CMS
and bulk messaging systems. 

Messaging Services

Stay connected with traders using Autochartist’s versatile messaging services, offering daily insights and high-probability trading opportunities across Email, SMS, WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram and others.

Automated Social Media Content

Boost your brand’s presence effortlessly with Autochartist’s automated social media content, designed for unique linguistic appeal and actionable cross-platform trading engagement.

Website Content

Elevate your broker website’s appeal and SEO with Autochartist’s dynamic trader-centric content, seamlessly updating your CMS for consistent engagement through all stages of a trader’s journey.

Web Components

Revitalise your client portal with Autochartist’s web components, delivering daily trading opportunities and weekly highlights to engage and activate your trading community. For the ultimate integration experience, all web components can be delivered through the all-in-one Research portal.

Content Snippets/ Dynamic Content for Email

Save time and effort while creating customised journeys and targeted marketing campaigns with Content Snippets. These API-delivered components of dynamic content are building blocks that allow your sales and marketing teams to deliver engaging emails in next to no time.

Sales Conversation Emails

Empower your sales team with insightful emails from Autochartist, blending expert market knowledge with engaging talking points to inspire and convert potential traders.

Autochartist LaunchPad

Provides traders with a dynamic browsing experience for immediate access to valuable data, insights, and analysis. Launchpad allows the embedding of almost any target site within the Metatrader 4 and 5 platforms. Enjoy direct access to external web content without leaving the MetaTrader interface.

Autochartist AII-In-One Research Portal

The Autochartist Research Portal presents a transformative delivery system to seamlessly channel Autochartist’s entire suite of tools and products through one customisable, responsive user interface.

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Autochartist provides an extensive analytics toolset with features to take your trading to the next level. Empower your day-to-day trading decisions with an unrivalled breadth and depth of analysis driven by advanced algorithms, powerful big-data technology, and user-friendly trading tools.