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The most powerful data-driven market analysis

Leveraging advanced technical, statistical, macroeconomic, fundamental, and sentiment analysis and timely economic news updates, Autochartist delivers unparalleled insights into financial markets. 

Technical Analysis

Autochartist’s Technical Analysis deciphers historical data to uncover potential price movements. Delve into technical chart patterns like triangles, Heads and shoulders, and channels. Understand the significance of Horizontal Support and Resistance Levels, harness the insights of Japanese Candlesticks, and navigate the market using Fibonacci Patterns for a comprehensive understanding of online trading market dynamics.

Statistical Analysis

Autochartist’s Statistical Analysis uses historical and quantitative data to present possible market shifts. Identify potential trading ideas with Extreme Movements, gauge market sentiment through Consecutive Candles, and discern key trading points with Round Numbers, mapping out pivotal support and resistance points.

Volatility Analysis

Autochartist’s Volatility Analysis offers insights into real-time market fluctuations based on historical data. Understand expected premarket volatility variations by day and time and receive Volatility Impact Warnings of potential spikes from forthcoming economic events.

Macroeconomic Analysis

Autochartist’s Macroeconomic Analysis delves into the broader economic landscape, examining indicators like GDP and inflation to gauge market impact. Economic Event Impact Analysis correlates financial data with market shifts tied to imminent economic events.

Fundamental Analysis

Autochartist’s Fundamental Analysis presents a holistic view of assets, factoring in financial metrics and macroeconomic indicators to determine intrinsic value. Gain clarity on a stock’s worth by meticulously examining financial statements using globally recognised valuation methods.

Sentiment Analysis

Autochartist’s Sentiment Analysis taps into the market’s pulse, using sophisticated tools to measure optimism and pessimism from various sources. Discover the sentiment impact on currencies and US stocks through market news analysis and tap into real-time public opinion with our Social Sentiment, discerning underlying moods and potential market movements.

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