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Messaging Services

Messaging systems, such as email, SMS, etc., are the perfect way for brokers to maintain consistent communication with their investors, keeping them informed and trading.

Autochartist offers a range of emails designed to generate interest in current events and trading opportunities for traders of all experience levels. Ranging from daily market reports to ad hoc high-probability opportunities, ideal for retaining high-value VIP clients. 

Available in over 28 languages for a truly global experience.

Messaging/ Notification Systems

Autochartist conveniently
integrates with the most popular global messaging systems, keeping traders informed no matter where they are.

Marketing Email Systems

No matter your choice of CRM or marketing email systems, Autochartist has you covered. Custom integrations as well as coverage for the most popular.

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Autochartist provides an extensive analytics toolset with features to take your trading to the next level. Empower your day-to-day trading decisions with an unrivalled breadth and depth of analysis driven by advanced algorithms, powerful big-data technology, and user-friendly trading tools.