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Trading Tools Designed
for Every Strategy

Our diverse suite of tools offers a comprehensive trading solution tailored to support every strategy and all types of trading.

Technical Analysis:
Charting Your Course

  • Automatically detects actionable, high-potential trading opportunities.
  • Automatically identifies Chart Patterns, Fibonacci Patterns, Horizontal Support and Resistance levels, and significant market movements.
  • Identifies trading patterns, market trends and reversals.

Our Favourites: High Probability Filtered Trades

  • A curated collection of trade setups with most likely high performance.
  • Trading ideas based on historical performance data.
  • Calculated probabilities considering the trading symbol, time of identification, and pattern type. 
  • A powerful trader tool to spot the most proven market trends and reversals.

Economic Event Analysis: Understanding Possibilities

  • Keeps you informed on how imminent economic events might impact the financial markets.
  • Provides multiple scenarios based on whether actual market data is above or below consensus.
  • Allows you to pre-plan potential trades and action them quickly once the economic data is confirmed.

News Sentiment Analysis:
Trusted Market Perspective

  • Analyses the top financial news and media sources to offer a visual sentiment score for major currencies and US stocks.
  • Simplifies market complexity by presenting sentiment trends over various time frames.
  • A crucial tool for traders to anticipate possible market movements, manage risks, and capitalise on sentiment-driven market dynamics.

Volatility Analysis:
Embracing the Swing

  • Gain a comprehensive view of the selected instrument’s expected price range movement.
  • Delivers daily, hourly, and real-time analysis

Messaging & Alerts:
Insights at Your Fingertips

  • Receive snapshots of the market outlook before the major financial sessions open. 
  • Get valuable market insights and trading opportunities.
  • Volatility alerts, Correlating Alerts and notifications of extreme market movements.
  • Actionable trade ideas and insights delivered directly to your inbox for your convenience.

Mobile Application:
Power in Your Pocket

  • Create a watchlist of assets and monitor them for high-probability trade opportunities.
  • Receive push notifications for newly identified trade setups.

Market Scanner MT4/5:
The Market Navigator

  • MetaTrader Market Scanner scans the markets inside your favourite online trading platforms.
  • Presenting trading opportunities across all time periods for the symbols in your watch list.

Risk Calculator:
Manage Risk

  • Set appropriate position sizes during live trades based on stop-loss levels and risk tolerance.
  • Manage potential over-exposure and significant losses more effectively.

Social Sentiment:
Market Insights

  • Tap into social media sentiment for valuable insight into perceived market trends.
  • Understand public perception of major currency pairs, futures contracts, and stocks.

Time Your Trades

  • Assess the importance of particular events and view a detailed analysis of potential movements and directional trends for a chosen currency.
  • Add specific events to your calendar with one click to ensure you never miss important dates.

Market News:
Curated Conveniently

  • Stay up-to-date with trending articles on Stocks, Forex, and the general financial market news.
  • Conveniently curated in one place, saving hours of searching for the most relevant news affecting the stock market today.

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