Autochartist - MetaTrader Plugin
MetaTrader Plugin

1. Installation

Step 1

The first window will ask you to select the language you wish to display during the rest of the installation.

Step 2

After the welcome and disclaimer windows, the installer will inform you that it will try to determine the correct folder to install the plugin to. If the correct MetaTrader 4 terminal is listed, click on the radio button next to it and select 'Ok'. If your MetaTrader 4 is NOT listed, please see the Trouble Shooting section.

Step 3

Click Next

Step 4

The next window will ask to label the Shortcut that will be created for the Expert Advisor. Click 'Next'.

Step 5

Enter your email address to complete the installation and receive a daily forecast report.

Step 6

If you are installing the Autochartist MetaTrader Plugin as a Direct User subscriber, or if you broker requires a username and password login procedure, the next window will ask you to enter those details. Please consult your broker for the username and password (if they require it) or as a Direct user please check the email you received from Autochartist that contains your username and password.

Step 7 (Required only for MT5 Installation)

1) Open MetaTrader 5
2) Click on Tools in the menu item
3) Click Options
4) Click Experts Advisors tab
5) Tick the box next to "Allow WebRequest for the listed URL:"
6) Double click on "add new URL" and paste or type:
7) Click OK


2. User Guide

Once your advisor has been installed, you can (re)start your MetaTrader terminal, and it should be listed in the Navigation window, under the Expert Advisor tree-node.

Drag the Expert Advisor onto any chart window.
Once dragged onto a chart, the advisor will try to connect to the Autochartist services to retrieve data. When successful, your chart should display as per the image below.
The Main window of the Advisor is the one at the bottom left. This window has several features.
The first feature, is a drop-down list where you can select the minimum probability value. This will filter the Autochartist patterns to only display those patterns that has a total-probability of the value you select. Example, if 65% is selected, it will only retrieve patterns that have a total-probability of 65% or greater.

The second feature is a settings button.
Quantity of historical patterns:
Historical patterns will be displayed on the chart as grey lines. This gives a very basic overview of the direction that the instrument has taken according to the patterns Autochartist has identified in the recent past.

Report subscriptions. Here you can enter an email address, then select the report, the session for which you wish to receive it and the language you wish to receive it in.

After subscribing you will receive an email report once a day for the specific reports, sessions and languages you have selected, about relevant patterns that can be used to enhance your trading strategy. You can subscribe to multiple reports, for multiples sessions in multiple languages.
The third feature on the Advisor window, is a "Filter and information" button.
Once clicked a new window will open.
In this window you can select the types of patterns you wish to view.
You can also click on the Performance Statistics button to display a popup window containing a URL that (when copied into a browser) will show you all the Performance Statistics Reports for your broker / MetaTrader.
Other controls in the Expert Advisor window includes buttons to page through patterns as well as a 'View' button next to each pattern.
When clicking a 'View' button, the chart will change to the instrument and the period as per the pattern, then display the pattern on the chart along with any historical patterns.
The tick box labelled 'Display all symbols' will display all relevant symbols or instruments that Autochartist has identified for your broker, based upon the "Market Watch" in your terminal.

If this box is unticked, then the Expert Advisor will try to retrieve all patterns for only the symbol of the chart for all periods.
Also displayed on the chart, is the Autochartist Volatility indicator.

This indicator displays statistical analysis of volatility over a period of 6 months, for this specific instrument at this specific time. The volatility indicator will display the averaged maximum price movement for the next 15 minutes, 30, 1 hour, 4 hour and 1 day based on statistical analysis of the last 6 months.
The last window of the Expert Advisor, is the Details window. In this window details about the pattern is displayed (breakout strengths, quality etc.). If the pattern has a minimum probability of 60% or higher, the specific details of the probabilities will also be displayed here.

All of the windows of the Autochartist Expert Advisor can be dragged to a different location, or minimized. All except the "Pattern Details" window can be closed. Once the close-button of the main windows is clicked, the Expert Advisor will remove itself from the chart window.

Launch the Autochartist Web App in a few easy steps

3. Troubleshooting

Please note: Some Anti-Virus software incorrectly detects our plugin installer as a virus.
click here for more details

A. Invalid Destination

1. When installing the plugin, if your MetaTrader terminal was not listed during the detection step, select the radio button 'Specify Manually' and click 'Ok'
2. Start your MetaTrader terminal, and click on 'File', then click on 'Open Data Folder'.

3. A Windows Explorer window will open up. Click on an open space next to the address bar to highlight the path.

4. Copy the path in the address bar and return to the Autochartist installer.

In the Autochartist installer, paste the path in the text box labelled 'Destination Directory', then add '\MQL4' at the end. Click Next.

B. Range check out of Bounds

If a "range check out of bounds" error occurs, after the dialogue that explain the Meta Trader terminal will be shutdown, perform the following steps:

1. Cancel the installation process (you may have to kill the process using Task Manager if it doesn't cancel on its own).
2. Go to the open Meta Trader terminal and shut it down.
3. Restart the Autochartist installation process.

Using Autochartist MetaTrader Plugin as a Direct User Subscriber

If you are using the Autochartist MetaTrader Plugin as a Direct User subscription, you can override symbols to match the symbols or instruments in your MetaTrader platform. Steps to do this are:

1. Log into the Autochartist web application and click on the "Trading Community" Tab.

2. Click on the "Instrument Coverage" link.
3. Find the exchange and the symbol that best match your symbol in MetaTrader that you wish to override. Example, if your symbol in MetaTrader is called 'EURUSD.m', then the Autochartist equivalent will be 'EURUSD'. Create a list of all the symbols you wish to override, with their Autochartist matches.
4. Start your MetaTrader platform, and click on File menu item, then click on 'Open Data Folder'.
5. Navigate into the 'MQL4' directory, then enter the 'Files' directory. Edit the file called 'AutochartistSettings.ini' file with a file editor like Notepad.

6. In the file there should already be a line that looks like this:

If there isn't such a line, add the line to the end of the file. Make sure the text appears on its own line.

7. Below the '[OverridingSymbols]' line, you can start adding your symbols you wish to override. Each symbol must appear on its own line and must be in the format MetaTrader_symbol=Autochartist_symbol, example: EURUSD.m=EURUSD

8. Take care to not have any spaces between the symbols or the '=' sign.

9. When done, your text you've added should look a lot like this:


10. Save the file, exit your text editor, and restart the MetaTrader Platform.

11. Your symbols should now be overridden, and patterns should appear on the Expert Advisor.